I write for a lot of places.

Some of the things I've published most recently:

I write for the Village Voice most weeks (including a monthly column on the music industry). Some articles and reviews I've written for them are up on their site:

I write about pop music and pop culture for Slate:

I write a music column called "Smallmouth" in the Seattle Weekly; it previously ran from 1999 to 2002 in the Boston Phoenix,. Here's most of the column's archive, in reverse chronological order:

And here are some other pieces I've done for the Phoenix:

Some miscellaneous pieces:

I review graphic novels and write about the comics industry for Publishers Weekly:

I wrote for New Times Los Angeles, back when it existed. Here are some articles (these links don't currently work--email me if you want to read any of them):

I've written for Salon, too. A few pieces I've done for them:

And my dear friend the Cloud of Unknowing contributed to suck.com: