2002-era diary entries:

three cycling tones

slap the kissing cloak

eternal imperishable

house of itchy viscera

rinse, pause, repeat

the factor factor factor

occluded stretch

guitar kitten arm II

guitar kitten arm

triple arm pace

negative space creep (a good one)

counting by primes

concerti of coagulation

queller speller

spare the angle

bolus heft and right

human bowling ball

mis-restored statues

flavors of pain

the steering hordes

shame and scandal


the documented incline

shaping a switch (with fingers)

dreamy visions of the jerk

rock, paper, scissors, microwave

gray hairs, guitars

the butt-bending thing

lurching door blister height

butch and pilot

apples in honey

turned into a crow crow

the stems that attach leaves to branches

the jentil "ploof" of treese

shift coordinating weave

shimmer fin and splash

playing favorites

from the boom boom room

the alchemist's proofreader II

the alchemist's proofreader

woven violins and their partners

the cube jugglers

swim up behind you and go nip nip nip

little candy hats

silhouette of two vases and a brick

three zingy stripes, in order

when I hear the world revolving

flowers in the towers

every afternoon about that time

billion peace car signs

ride with sheriffs

dreaming yes, thanks for asking

stuttering deceit

belief garble syllable

sample the spirits

glades of you

stately, plum

repeating bears


ride a yellow duck

eminent drizzle

talc for the details

soap and stencils

circling the triangle squarely

why I've been away

maker of green and gold

iron and its uses

repair mettle

bounce, pass, slide

electric radioactive blood

swing three four

seeds are little and grainy


thar she goes

messenger scented

tie goes to the runner-up


almost every day

spectacular running variety

lunar apologies

dear Stockholm Jr.

scrub snack splint

is uru vegan?

night different from all

second the lines

diagonal contrasting stripes

Sweep pattybrags

travel guide pull-tabs

spinal spin SP

bright yellow mantra fox

crosspurl filmrights

six Bachs an hour

all you need for an edge is a rock

stab bail tone

freaking restful

glory and the shiners

neat neat tiger feet

the fad of jj

armstand footstand

triple control

the nose of me

shogo shogo shogo

there goes the ether again

gloriana and the Ganges

slime is on my tide

arc of green and gold

groundhog rabbit

power super hour

waxing neuralgic

prompt tan nap

slowly counting to seven or eight II

slowly counting to seven or eight

nobble the gates

replacements for candy

illusion message

lung association

bounded and inverted

gratituity II


a small hill, but I'm at the top of it

flip jump and parasail

ramona my moat

I can add earlier ones, too, if people write and ask.