No, I haven't forgotten about you, dear lacunaeans. It's just end-of-semester blues, here defined as "oh my God, I'm going to be typing continuously from now until a week from today." 26 pages plus 2000-odd words plus another book and a half to read plus various end-of-year responsibilities I need to deal with.

If I could justify taking the afternoon off and cooking bese bele, I would, and then I could live on it for the next week or two. I even have a container of bese bele powder in the fridge, and some green beans that need cooking if I'm going to use them at all.

At the end of the next week or so, there's a series of parties and events, and a gigantic pile of comic books that keep murmuring my name with increasing vehemence and desire. But first: more Charlotte Brontë!



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