A little optimistic, there, I was. Three nights into the CMJ Marathon, and I've seen all of... two artists. It wasn't supposed to be like that, really, but Wednesday night I hawed and hemmed and headed off to the subway and realized I didn't have my badge with me, and then I turned around and came back to get it, thinking "I hate my job, I hate my job, I'm curious about these bands but right now I really hate my-- wait! this isn't my job right now!" And happily crawled into bed at about 10:30 PM. Last night Lisa and I hung around here for a while, then went downtown, got some dinner, and finally sauntered over to the Teenbeat show at Luna Lounge, where we saw Liz Bustamante and Claudia from Homotiller in the outer room and Flin Flon in the room where bands played. (Flin Flon are what I mentally file as a "total band": that is, it would be impossible to replace even one of them with somebody else and still be reasonable to call them the same band. I don't think this was true of Unrest or Air Miami, curiously. I also totally admire Mark Robinson for having led two bands that were both so different and so good as Unrest and Flin Flon.) And tonight I tried to see Mecca Normal, missed them by a couple of hours (but did get introduced to Ari Up), met up with Lisa, saw Kimya Dawson play (and ran into Elizabeth Elmore, in town for CMJ), headed into Brooklyn to see Lou Barlow and Imperial Teen, discovered that the show was sold out so there would be no way to get Lisa into it, ran into Jennie and Mark and a friend of theirs (who had just discovered the same dispiriting news), decided "the hell with it, let's go sit in a bar and talk," and did so.

Hey, the singles club is now officially in service (initial copies of Family Fodder's "Tender Words" went out today)! And we need a lot more subscribers! Sign up!



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