Whenever I make a mix CD that's not consciously organized around a particular theme, I like to look at it after the fact and see if I can determine any suggestions or currents that run through it. I put one together over the weekend, and what I'm noticing in it is lots of songs about anxiety around creation and spectation. Big surprise--that's essentially the central topic my conversations with myself feature these days. Of course, it's also got fake gamelan music, lesbian new wave and a 3 1/2-minute edit of a 16-minute piece by an artist about whom I recently wrote that his work needs to be heard at full length and edits lose the point.

Saw Antonioni's Blow Up today for Coco Fusco's class--I'd never seen it before (as, in fact, I'd never before seen any of the films on the syllabus, most of which are classics of one kind or another). That would qualify as my favorite piece of filmmaking I've seen for the first time in the last 24 hours, had it not been for this--just click on the TV set and don't ask questions.

The philosophy class is starting to pick up, and Prof. Sidorsky finally gave a little tough-love to the class's unintentional comedy relief (the guy who knows all the classics in Latin and Greek, and needs to remind us of it every 15 minutes or so). I'm also taking yoga again, this time through Columbia, taught by a woman who is also named Columbia. The class is a good mix of semi-experienced and not-so-experienced students, and it does seem to give me enough energy to make it through the day. Though not not necessarily beyond that: I am presently typing with my way-too-heavy head keeled over on my shoulder.



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