As in the last line of the second verse of Nelly's still-played-on-Hot-97-every-eight-minutes "Hot In Herre," which Lisa has taught me to hear as "'Girl, I think my butt can bend!'" (Ohhla.com lists it as "...gettin' big," which makes more sense but is less charming and a worse rhyme and frankly doesn't sound as much like what Nelly's saying as "...can bend.")

It's been a fairly sedate weekend, whose main activity was purging well over 1000 CDs that will shortly be Going Away. My pal Fumiko was in town, and we went and got lunch yesterday; then I came home, cooked cauliflower curry, and went with Lisa to see Spaceheads play at the Knitting Factory (we were, sadly, not really awake enough to make it to the late-late show they were playing at the Happy Birthday Hideout, since the Knit set finished around 1:45 AM). Tonight was an informal get-together with the Fellows to watch The Sopranos, which I'd never seen before, and talk about arts journalism in general (funny how that topic keeps coming up when we're all together). Of course, leaving Lisa here while I go out and do stuff with the Fellows (capital-F) always makes me think of Kiss's "Beth." ("Me and the boys are playin', and we just can't find the sound," etc.) Which in turn makes me think of Scrawl's "Charles," and in turn again of the Bangles' "James," so it's not a total loss. And now I've started my Yom Kippur fast, so it's a good thing I don't have an actual class until 6 tomorrow night, 'cause I might well fall asleep...

Wonderful as it is to only have to listen to stuff I want to listen to, I still find myself working through piles of odd-looking slush-pile-ish material when I've got time to myself rather than necessarily putting on music I know I want to hear. (Although today I hit one really good thing previously unknown to me: The Blow's forthcoming Bonus Album. Very Receptionists-ish, if anyone remembers the Receptionists.)



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