Coltrane's done, which means I've now listened to almost six hours' worth of versions of "My Favorite Things" alone. Did a WFMU fill-in this afternoon. A review that I thought was going to give me a lot of trouble proved unexpectedly tame in the clutch. Saw Erase Errata last night, and they made me jump up and down. The Fish & Compliments T-shirt is all set. The DQE/Grace Braun double album is mastered, and very nicely. I got another thumbs-up on the singles club project. Somebody floated the idea of a really interesting-sounding creative project to me. Roses and butterflies, like Ethel said, roses and butterflies. At this point, I'm mostly just batting cleanup, and waiting for the fun part to start. So why do I feel like I'm forgetting about something hugely important?



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