There's a company called FreshDirect (with or without a space, I suspect without), which is offering $50 worth of free perishables delivered to people who live in my building. I loaded up on fruit and vegetables, and have been frantically cooking to use them up before they go bad. Today it was bese bele olianna again--there's a special spice mixture that I made a batch of when I cooked it a few months ago, and the mixture is still sitting in the fridge, and besides I'm going to San Diego in a couple of days and wanted to leave something substantial here. The really successful thing a couple of days ago, though, was something Lisa asked me to cook (when I asked her to pick things for me to cook): mango curry, which we agreed was a near-perfect blend of sweet/savory and tender/crisp.

Finished the Ornetteathon, which was great but exhausting;



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