My resolution to be finishing some sort of project every day seems to be going okay so far--as long as I can get the Fairport Convention article done tonight, I'll be on schedule and happy. Today's been a day of pleasant little distractions, like an extended $20.02 lunch at Tabla with a bunch of people and a meeting at WFMU and the arrival of seven awesome-looking mix CDs from Patti Schmidt. I keep being drawn back to the Fairport box (and, especially, a version of Bob Dylan's "I Don't Believe You" that a bastard lineup with no original members recorded in 1973), but then there's the little CD that Patti sent me of her new band the Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet, and it's too enticing to pass up...

I managed to finagle myself copies of both volumes of the current edition of the Norton Anthology of English Literature. I'd thought I'd covered most of its contents, revised or not, but there's a lot I didn't know--the pages have gotten thinner and more numerous since Helen Vendler led me through an earlier version 15 years ago.