I always enjoy the rare occasions when I get to cook for people besides Lisa, and last night Lauren and some friends had a picnic in Central Park before the Kronos Quartet concert. So I made a half red/half green adzuki beans/mung beans thing that came out pretty well (I think I didn't put enough water in the adzukis, so they were a bit dry, I fear) and a sort of raita with beets and mint in yogurt with a little flavored oil that came out really really well. And then Sara Marcus ran up to us and hugged us all and invited us to sit and eat with her and her friends, which meant that even more people got to eat it, and one of them even said nice things! I'm so susceptible to compliments, I swear.

The show itself was pleasant-not-great--when one goes to see a string quartet, one usually doesn't expect to see them playing along with tapes. In the middle of the show, we were all lying on our backs on a blanket, when a woman behind Lauren saw somebody using a cell phone to check messages or whatever, and asked to borrow it. "Oh, hi, how ya doin'... no, no, I'm fine, just thought I'd call and say hello... right now? I'm at Summerstage, that thing in Central Park... I'm not sure, it's... a quartet of some kind, but I don't know what they're called." Lauren, sending out seethe-waves I could feel from five feet away, said "The Kronos Quartet," very quietly. "Oh, I guess they're called the Carlos Quartet," said the gabber. "Kronos--!"

Off to the Mermaid Parade tomorrow!