Two packages with lots of CDs arrived at the same time recently. One of them included four Supertramp albums and a Styx greatest-hits. The other one had 20 Jandek CDs. I dove into the latter. As I type, I'm listening to Your Turn to Fallin the living room and Lisa's listening to a different one (I forget which) in the bedroom. There appears to be somebody coming to interview me about Jandek sometime next week, too. I can't think of any other artists who demand quite as strongly to be taken on their own terms. For those who are unfamiliar with his work, an introduction can be seen here.

I've been cooking sweet things the last couple of days. Last night, some Brobdingnagian rhubarb at the greengrocer's in Grand Central Station inspired me to attempt a rhubarb cake, although it turned out to be a sort of rhubarb crumb cake, not the fluffy concoction of my youth. And Sharon Mesmer's fondness for fig bars inspired me to make some today and take them to her between classes--excessively crumbly, I fear, and maybe oversweet (they were made from a recipe from some web site to promote the honey industry's interests), but it was supposed to be the gesture that counted.