Happy Bloomsday, everyone. I woke up this morning briefly with what I thought were "you really didn't stretch enough yesterday at the gym" leg cramps, though they promptly disappeared, realized what day it was, and vowed to use "ineluctable" in a sentence before the day was out. And there it was.

2/3 of the bachelor weekend down, and very little actual mischief made. A little cooking, a little scheming, a little shopping, a little thinking of ideas for Dark Beloved Cloud. (Does a monthly 3" single/EP club seem like a good idea to anyone else?) At a street fair downtown, I bought a bar of basil soap, which is now imparting its (ahem) distinctive smell to everything in the medicine cabinet, I fear. Maybe that's what it's supposed to do. Also found a copy of the New Pornographers' single with "When I Was A Baby" on it; it is now officially my favorite song of the week, though most of the forthcoming Sleater-Kinney album is not far behind it.

Last night, Alexis and I met for dinner at another Sietsema pick, but ended up drifting down Mott St. and beyond to Dim Sum A-Go-Go, a veggie-friendly dim sum parlor that seems to have been designed to reach out to the pre-Knitting-Factory-show population. Which would be us: after a light meal there, we sauntered over to the Knit for !!! (full of themselves; earned it), Liars, Zero Zero and a bunch of time in the downstairs bar talking to Liz B., her friend Karen, and eventually Matt Hunter. We met up with Sarah Fan, and attempted to get post-show bubble tea. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as post-midnight bubble tea, at least on Mott St. What kind of city that never sleeps do you call that?