Lisa's going to be out of town for three days, helping her mom--I'm trying to think of creative ways to wreak havoc in her absence. I suspect they'll mostly consist of transferring some DATs to CD-R and maybe, if I'm feeling especially daring, getting rid of some substandard 7" singles.

New mix CD-R exists; as always, reasonable offers of trade are welcome (and non-musical items are especially welcome in trade). It's got songs by Jewlia Eisenberg, Quasi, Kronos Quartet, Wire, Basement Clash, the Bats, the Most Dangerous Game of Cat and Mouse Band, Fairport Convention, Flin Flon, Wilco, Pierre Bastien, Superchunk, the Equals, Van Morrison, T. Rex, WCKR SPGT, Belle & Sebastian, Microphones Singers, Fat Day, LCD Soundsystem, Can, Oedipus, Nu Colours and Anthony Braxton...

Lauren, Aileen, Nora & I hit another of the Sietsema 100 tonight: Cong Ly, a Vietnamese place on Hester St., where there is exactly one non-beverage, non-meat item on the menu. Or, rather, there are none, but there are summer rolls that can be made without meat. My beverages made up for it, though: a bizarre basil seed drink that fascinated Nora, and for dessert a sort of coconut milk concoction with chunks of sweet potato and kidney beans in it. Lauren & I went on to meet her sister Amy and Liz B. and play electric rock music with them--I sang "I Found That Essence Rare" (and attempted "Black Monk Theme pt. 1" but forgot the words), and we did impromptu versions of "Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges" and "Fell In Love With a Girl," with Amy singing.