It's been a week off, I know, but I really couldn't face updating. The main news, and the very bad news, is that my grandmother Betts died. She was 99, so it wasn't entirely unexpected, but still. One of the most remarkable and loving people I've ever met, and a phenomenal artist--three of her paintings (one oil, one foil-and-watercolor, and one collage of mostly music-related images) hang on the walls of our apartment. (For those of you who haven't seen our apartment but have seen other Douglas & Lisa/Dark Beloved Cloud-related images: she also painted or drew the artwork for Gold Kiss Gala: I'll Wed You, Gold Kiwi, Glass Ladle & You and the first two Sympathy for Count Pococurante compilations.) She was a real inspiration to me, and to Lisa. We're both thankful that our children will be related to her.