I was happy to learn that New York residents are entitled to buy air purifiers and vacuums and get reimbursed by the government--we got our purifiers today, and there's already a small but noticeable difference. They are spiffy-looking and black and fill me with the energy I so desperately need right now.

I fear I've fallen behind a bit, songwise--Lisa and I had a "rip off the following song" cross-challenge, and she proposed I should rip off the Urinals' "I'm A Bug." So I wrote one called "Do the Dishes," inspired by the fab Chicago band the Dishes. For the uninitiated, "I'm A Bug" is one of the three or four simplest good songs ever written. Thinking I was being clever, I assigned Lisa a really tough one, the Monochrome Set's "Avanti," and she came back with "Fifteen Don'ts for Dream Plagiarists," which let's just say sets the bar a lot higher than I've been able to set it this month. Also, we both skipped Monday, and I spent yesterday and today working on one called "Stupid Things," which has one good chord and absolutely nothing else to recommend it.

For those curious about the parashah (sp): we are just now listening to Kath Bloom & Loren MazzaCane Connors' 1981-1984, a collection of alarmingly creepy folk/blues duets from some ultra-limited LPs they released back then. It's filed under B, not C.