Song yesterday suggested by Liz B.: "Slim Jim and the Twins." She asked for a dirty song, and she got one--it's so dirty my poor ears are too innocent to understand most of it. Actually, it mostly just sounds like eighth-rate Soft Boys, but without the cool guitar parts. Tonight, Lisa's challenged me to work out a cover of Fela Kuti's "Original Suffer Head" (she's doing "Moonage Daydream")--I've basically got an arrangement in mind, but have yet to actually hit the 4-track.

Most of today was devoted to house-cleaning and the associated self-loathing--let's see, exactly how many metric tons of culture have I accumulated, and what have I gotten out of it, given that this isn't horseshoes or hand-grenades? Fortunately, I also had Lisa on hand to talk me away from this line of thought, plus My House in Montmartre (curiously effective Franco-disco compilation), plus the red-lentil dal from the other night, which turned out to make for splendid quasi-sloppy joes. And right now there's a sort of modified spinach bhaji cooking, and rice, and I'm figuring out exactly how I can sing "wata lightee foodoo housee" and not sound dumb, and things are generally looking a lot better.