More songs--yesterday's was "Dictionary Man" (from a suggestion by John), today's was "When I Was Tame" (from thinking about "When I Was a Baby" and "When I Was Cruel No. 2." This is fun so far.

The original plan for this evening involved rather more club-hopping than we ended up doing, but a) two clubs in a single night is probably enough for people of my advanced decrepitude, and b) I'll make up for it tomorrow. Saw Monotrona and Erase Errata at the Knitting Factory--E.E. awesome as ever and having a hugely fun time in blacklight-lit costumes, Monotrona weirdly 1982 New York club-new-wave and not playing drums (instead in a blacklight-lit costume that wrapped her all up, stomping around a miniature cityscape like Godzilla with something heavy on his mind and a belly full of coffee). Then we headed up to Meow Mix for Nimbus, who are young and new-wave-happy and pretty adorable, and also have a bit more songwriting to do before I'll like them as much as some of my friends do. On the other hand, the acoustics at Meow Mix are truly dreadful, so maybe it's not their problem entirely.