Song of the day is "Red Squeeze," from a title suggestion by Lisa (anyone else who's got a title I can use for a song is welcome to send one to me). It contains the most inept guitar playing I think I've ever done, which is saying something, plus one line of Dylan parody amid the usual self-parody.

Had lunch today with the mysterious and charming Jean ("mysterious" in this case = "has something like five separate residences she's shuttling between in the New York area"), who was reviewing some Vietnamese restaurants for Time Out, which meant that I got a free lunch (one of my usual wimpy vegetarian things) while she was surrounded by dishes of frog legs and shrimp and rice vermicelli and spring rolls and stuff, plus a piece of paper on which she was writing everything down. "Reviewer?" smiled the waiter. "Oh, um, I just like to cook." Tomorrow night: Passover ends, and it's time for bread glorious bread. I may head downtown just so I can stuff my face with the B&H Dairy's challah.

Also spent some hours today interviewing three people for various articles. All of them are involved in stages of the music-recording process where they don't often get to talk to journalists, and love to talk about what they do. One of them even likes staying on-topic!