Lisa and I made a high-five deal a couple of days ago that, every day in April, each of us would write and record a song. Two days into it, and we're both already feeling the burn, although isn't that the point of any kind of workout? Mine from yesterday is a very short silly patter song called "Hotel New Name"; today's is longer, new-wavier, and called "Mountain of Mirrors." I already find myself listening to other people's songs to figure out if there's something I can rip off from them without seeming embarrassingly obvious to myself.

Went to North Six last night to see Semiautomatic (they've got the sound, gushing and howling, if only they had the songs too) and Xiu Xiu (wish they'd had their fourth member with them, wish they'd played more than half an hour and hadn't spent almost a third of that switching instruments, but loved their gong/metal percussion set and their harmonium). Tomorrow I'm conducting interviews with various people most of the day and have a dinner in the evening; all weekend long I'm show-hopping. Someday I will get to sleep a full night...