My friend Meg had a baby boy about three months ago, and asked me if I could put together a CD-R of lullabies for him. I agreed, put it off for a couple of months, and finally returned to the task a few days ago to find that I own virtually no music that sounds like it'd be capable of soothing an infant. There was one bit of an arrangement I kept hearing in my head, and kept trying to figure out what it was; finally, I realized it was something I'd imagined an arrangement for a few years ago (a techno version of a Nick Drake song, don't ask), but had never heard in real life. I also remembered a Caetano Veloso song that I figured would be perfect, but none of the recordings I have of it are quite right (loud guitar solos, drums too far in the mix, etc.), so Lisa and I may be recording a version of our own to include on the lullaby disc.

Luxury purchase of the weekend: Doom Patrol Archives, vol. 1. I'd mentioned to Lisa that I basically have every post-1960 comic book I'd want to own, in one form or another, but the early Doom Patrol stories had been an exception. I can't really defend them as good, but there's something I love about their roughness and downbeat attitude--they were the first to use the idea of "superheroes as people who have something terribly wrong with their bodies." Also got a severely unauthorized compilation of "The Best Bootlegs in the World... Ever!" I'd heard a lot of them before, but the Celine Dion vs. Sigur Ros one is a thing of beauty and fear.