Turns out I forgot to upload yesterday's update. Sorry. It's there now.

So tonight I'd originally planned to be at Aunt Judith and Uncle Jim's place for second-night seder (with ten or so other relatives). But Lisa woke up this morning feeling unwell, and it gradually became apparent that she's very sick--we called both her doctor and Jim, and they both said "keep resting and let us know if her condition changes at all." So I've stayed home to keep an eye on her. Not having anything better to do that didn't require more concentration than I could muster up under the circumstances, I've been prepping a radio show for tomorrow afternoon (filling in for Terre T. over at WFMU, who sounds pretty unwell herself; if she's listening, she will be happy to know that I'm firing up the Wayback Machine again) and cooking an eggplant curry (since, as of this afternoon's Urban Organic, we had two massive eggplants in the fridge). Maybe the rhizomatic vapors of all the turmeric that went into it helped, because Lisa's sitting up now and even sipping some ginger ale and nibbling a little rice--she feels like she's on the mend.

Finished The Subtle Knife (took me long enough), and was disappointed to find that it totally fails to hang together in any sort of way that could be called a plot, as opposed to a part of a longer plot--the last ten pages are basically just the cliffhanger for the next book.