Some of the back catalogue of Dark Beloved Cloud sells very slowly indeed, so it's always a pleasant surprise when I find I have to restock it--even, like tonight, when that just means I need to fold a bunch more inserts and slip a bunch of singles into plastic sleeves. In this case, a reorder of God Is My Co-Pilot's nine-year-old "Su Vot Vot Esta Su Voz" single that exceeded the already-assembled stock was an excuse to re-read the wonderful little mini-newspaper they made to include with it, and a box I'd forgotten about included a stash of Mr. Quark's Enjoy Nuoc-Mam With Mr. Quark, an early contender for "strangest record I've ever put out" (later succeeded in that position by the Hattifatteners' Rabbit Rabbit, which in turn will soon be overtaken by Fat Day IV, which I think will be hanging out there for a good long while).

Passover has started, and while I'm not exactly cleansing the apartment of chametz, I'm going on my usual regimen of yeast-free-ness. (I had an apricot danish this afternoon, savoring it.) I may, however, make another jar or two of that lemon relish that came out really well last time; by the time it's ready, I'll be able to bake some bread to spread it on.

Got the new issue of Rolling Stone, with the "50 Coolest Records Ever" feature, and noted with interest that I've never heard at least 20 of them. I sort of want to rectify this, but on the other hand the parashah is almost up to Biota--why interrupt now?