Quick question for readers of this site: I assume a lot of you are current or former DJs. How many of you had live bands perform on your shows? Do you have recordings of them? Might you be willing to copy (or trade) them for a future radio rebroadcast?

Occasionally I get the feeling that I am being squeezed briskly between two pieces of thick cardboard. Occasionally, after this has been going on for a while, the feeling changes to one that suggests that whoever has been doing the squeezing has actually been applying much more pressure to one edge of the cardboard than the others, in the hopes that I will eventually find my way out of the cardboard sandwich, to one of the other edges, sunlight, and escape. I think that's where I am right now. We visited our accountant this morning, following an evening of my running around frantically, despising myself because I couldn't find a couple of pieces of financial documentation in ANY of the piles ANYWHERE in this cluttered apartment, and then discovering that they were right in the folder with all the other files where I'd put them in the first place, I just hadn't checked them off on my checklist for some reason. And the 800-word piece for which I suspected I only had about 300 words' worth of material came out to something like 802 words once I actually put it down onto paper.

Next stop: long-overdue mix CDs for friends. I owe various people a collection of lullaby music, some songs about zombies, a CD-R of the weirdest disco I've got, several collections of miscellaneous Dark Beloved Cloud music, and a compilation of the best of Uncle Wiggly. Patience, dear friends, I'll get to you all in time.