After several solid days of work, a bottle of vitamin water with taurine that kept me up until 3 AM last night and even fairly clearheaded (it seems like a humane alternative to my previous favorite vice, Red Bull), a successful battle with default settings in AppleWorks, and a desperate and ultimately successful search for Little Johnny (you'll see what this means next week), the monstrous article I've been working on for a few weeks is finally... well, drafted, if not exactly done. But that'll come tomorrow. Soon I can resume my program of hospitality to people I like, rather than muttering something about how I have to revise this thing. Celebrated the completion of the draft by reading a chunk of the new Krazy Kat reprint book, then cooking (Moorish-style?) spinach with chickpeas.

Lang writes and suggests a few more band rules, notably "quit while you're ahead (the Artie Shaw/Beatles rule)." I prefer "make things such that you don't have to quit and wouldn't want to." Or, to put it a different way:

• When faced with any sort of significant creative or business decision, always make the choice that will be the most fun for the band. (Not sure whose rule this is.) Also:

• Never play anything that's been in your repertoire for over two years for any reason other than that you really feel like it. (The Fall rule.)

New from Lisa: Fruit!