Heard Princess Superstar's "Bad Babysitter" playing at top volume in Other Music today, saw (and bought) the 12" of it with a DJ Mark the 45 King remix on the B-side, and thought "oh, I'm so proud of you, little Concetta"... which is probably an inappropriate thought, but I'm very happy to see someone I know and like living the pop-star life. For which she is entirely suited, I think. Of course, this comes the same day as I read in Stephen Davis's Old Gods Almost Dead (his biography of the Rolling Stones) about Brian Jones spending a night writing postcards to his various pregnant girlfriends, then (not the same night) asking Anita Pallenberg to dress him up like Françoise Hardy. But I think Concetta can handle it, whatever her particular "it" turns out to be. Anyone who can describe herself as "a cross between Ani DiFranco and Master P"...

A couple more potential band-rules came in from Soren (thank you, Soren), but here's another one:

• The most important element in great rock music is great rhythm-guitar playing; the crucial member of the Velvet Underground, for instance, was Sterling Morrison. (I think this can safely be called the Wedding Present rule.)