Some days have big accomplishments, some days have little ones. Today, my accomplishments were assembling a chair without damaging myself and figuring out the chords to "Jaan Pehechan Ho" without damaging my acoustic guitar. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Nice musical thing that came in the mail today: the Saturday Looks Good To Me album, on Ypsilanti Records, who appear to have no web presence at all. It's Fred Thomas (of Flashpapr and Warn Defever's band) with various other people--they did one of my favorite songs (with Jodi v. B. of the Secret Stars) on the wedding CD, and that one's not on here, but it's all got that wonderful mid-'60s 45 RPM sound to it.

Finished book #11 for the year last night, another Lemony Snicket: The Vile Village. Something tells me I should really try something more solid next (or at least something I can't read front-to-back on a trip to and from Jersey City and still have 20 minutes at the end twiddling my thumbs, no matter how cleverly it comes up with new meanings for the phrase "small potatoes"), and I do have Clifton Fadiman's helpful Lifetime Reading Plan on hand. (Hey, I liked his taste in writing back when he was calling himself Old Cricket and I was three years old.) I've barely even heard of a few of the writers it mentions--Firdausi, anyone? R.K. Narayan? Lu Hsün? Can anyone suggest where I can start with Rabindranath Tagore?