It's just as not-nice when shampoo bottles projectile-spit as when anyone else does. Somebody really ought to talk to those shampoo bottles' legal guardian, is what I say.

New mix CD-R, Jubilo & Jubilum, sequenced tonight to celebrate finishing my application. Music (or other "performances") by a streetful of English blackbirds, Apsu, TFUL282, the Holy Modal Rounders, Kurt Schwitters, Richard Hell, Life Without Buildings, Brion Gysin, Co Real Artists, Spare Snare, Evan Parker, Eno & Byrne, Honey Cone, Bill Ware, Stephin Merritt, Antibalas, Savacald, Jorge Ben, Standing Earth & Touching Air, Ass Baboons of Venus, Ravish Momin, Mirah, the In Out, Sheila Behman, ...And the Native Hipsters, Yusef Lateef, and more. In keeping with my recent severe nostalgia trip, only four tracks have 2002 release dates, and one of those was recorded 25 years ago. As usual, let me know if you want to trade something for a copy. Hint: people always say "but what music could I possibly send you?" Don't be thinking music. I have too much music already. Think other stuff you've made yourself, for instance.

Lisa points out that I am currently the #56-ranked hit for "Douglas" in Google. And she's the #46-ranked hit for "Lisa." I'm not sure how this happened, but I'm not complaining either.