Hey, my grandmother has a web site devoted to her painting now! (Though please note that the titles & exegeses are not hers.)

I've been going out more over the last few days. Last night was Giant Sand at Joe's Pub. Memorable bit: their 7-piece lineup backing up Kurt Wagner (of Lambchop, not the Nightcrawler one) and Vic Chesnutt. Not-so-memorable bit: Evan Dando, who as Dylan pointed out now looks like he's in the Allman Brothers, doing three or four songs by himself--I mean, I like "The Outdoor Type" too, but it's really time for him to stop playing it, especially since he didn't write it and hasn't especially made it his own.

Bought a few CDs yesterday, too: In The Beginning There Was Rhythm (post-punk, England, 1978-1982), Can't Stand It! (post-punk, Australia, 1978-82), and The Day The Earth Met The... Rocket From The Tombs (pre-punk, Cleveland, 1975). Andrea Moed commented "you're kind of in a moment there." I know I know. At least a couple of days ago I was listening exclusively to ca. 1967 folk-pop by sensitive male singer-songwriters who died young (it was for a piece I was writing), but I also know that's not my moment, and I'd be much happier if my moment were right now.