Pierogi investigations with Lisa and Lauren last night--we went to a small Polish restaurant in Greenpoint which had good good sauerkraut-and-pasta-and-fried-onion-and-applesauce concoctions for low low prices. (Which reminds me: Lisa just told me that during WWII, sauerkraut was known in America as "victory cabbage.") Thence to the New Pornographers, who were wonderful and cajoled audience members into jumping up on stage and dancing. Contrast this with Out Hud (tonight, Spa, playing a one-very-long-song set at 1 AM), three of whom, having finished the part of the song where they play, wandered out into the crowd to dance with the audience.

Yesterday and today were otherwise mostly devoted to one of the most drudgeful parts of running a label: I've recently gotten a great big order for back-catalogue stuff, and had to a) retrieve a lot of discs from storage (since they're at the back of our storage space, and under a lot of other very heavy boxes, this involves a sort of mountain-goat routine, checking which things are safe to clamber over and which boxes are sturdy enough to put other boxes on top of, plus in a few cases lifting heavy objects from below the level of my feet, which just isn't good), b) open up boxes of returned CDs and cull the ones that aren't in saleable condition any more, c) package and address the whole order (1300+ CDs, comprising 11 different titles), and d) get everything to UPS and away. I remember, years ago, hanging out on line at the UPS with Bettina from Thrill Jockey and Jeff from Remora; now one label's a full-time success, the other's gone, and I'm... more or less where I was.