I wrote to Paul Caporino a couple of days ago and told him that I'd plugged the mighty Masters Of The Obvious here. Which, it turns out on closer inspection, I haven't. So: everybody should go to M.O.T.O.'s site and send Paul some money for M.O.T.O. tapes. They're $3 apiece--can't beat that--and, as Lisa and I have been discovering, they're ideal car-tape music (a box of a dozen or so of them are now installed in the front seat well. Great big scabrous hysterical rock songs with hooks solid enough to tow your car if your battery doesn't happen to work.

More music last night: we went to North Six to see Crowns on 45 (four bass players, past, present and future, in the room simultaneously!), Palomar (had liked their record but never seen them before--reminded me a lot of the late-period Talulah Gosh stuff, i.e. when they were playing everything as fast as humanly possible but still had the sha-la-la harmonies going on), and the Operators. Today: huge amounts of label stuff to deal with. Gah.