I've been out a lot the last few days. Last night, I was the guest DJ at the Polar Bear Club--Mike Wolf's weekly event down in the basement of Tonic. Spun for about an hour and a half, and man was it fun, especially when people started dancing. (The secret ingredient turned out to be !!!'s "Instinct," which a bunch of people came over and asked me about.) Also on the playlist: Ornette Coleman, Anne Pigalle, Yoko Ono with Propaganda, the Homosexuals, Spaceheads, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Ravi Harris & the Prophets, the Daktaris, Maximum Joy... I didn't play Stacey Q, though I brought her "Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself" single.

Night before last was dinner at Queen of Sheba (an Ethiopian place I hadn't been to before) with Jen Matson (whom we hadn't seen in many months), followed by a quick trip downtown to the Bowery Ballroom. Out Hud are really amazing, and they really better hurry up and finish that album, especially if they're going to stay in the habit of playing two-song sets... they're playing next at Spa on the 20th, I believe. And Mr. Sack, playing their first-ever show, were pretty great too, in a way that suggests they're just going to get better when they figure out what they're capable of a little more. They're Duane Harriott (of Other Music)'s band: two DJs (one of them also armed with a Groovebox and a Vocoder), a guy on Powerbook, and a live drummer. They played L'Trimm. Apparently, their first actual release will be coming in March, and it's a J.Lo remix.

Tonight: the James Brown party. Details afterwards.