Yes, it has been a remarkably fine 32nd birthday, as glum a mood as I was in at the beginning of it. (Advantage of the exercise resolution; whenever I do exercise, I feel a lot better. Funny how I forget that sometimes.) Lisa gave me a couple of fabulous presents (let's just say the John Cleese quotient of our DVD collection will be markedly increasing), and we went out for an exquisite dinner at 71 Clinton Fresh Food.

But the thing I'm most happy about is a small personal accomplishment. I think I've been hinting darkly for the last few weeks about some art project I was working on. Said project, I can now say (because I finished it with minutes to spare before the deadline I'd given myself), is Top Ten: a CD-R with more or less original songs, recorded on the 4-track L. gave me last month, about each of my ten favorite albums of 2001, each inspired by some formal aspect of the album in question. It's not all good or even bearable (plus clearly I have some timekeeping issues that I'm going to have to deal with one of these days), but it has a few bits I'm pretty fond of. I'll be giving copies out to friends at my birthday party tomorrow, and if you're not going to be there and you want one, ask.