New year, parties, etc.--one at Lisa's friend Greg's place New Year's Eve (I was exhausted and distracted, unfortunately), one at Dylan's boyfriend Phil's yesterday (still not up to top speed, but L. and I managed to bake a honey cake to bring, and people seemed to like it). Continuing to work on my Top Secret Project, which was really supposed to be done by now and is actually about 40% done--problematic! And debating applying to that arts-journalism fellowship again this year; maybe I should switch media and present myself as the guy who writes seriously about comics. It'd be different, anyway.

My New Year's resolutions (and I post them here to publicly shame myself into keeping them):

Daily: exercise (yoga counts); write in my diary (which is not this, incidentally).

Weekly: finish reading a book. (I'm not demanding about what kind of book, except that it has to be primarily text. First up, probably: the next Lemony Snicket.)

Monthly: complete some sort of relatively large-scale creative project; release something on Dark Beloved Cloud, not necessarily a recording (it was never supposed to be only a record label in the first place--the initial idea, almost ten years ago, was to make it a source for mass-produced "joy-inducing objects").

In general: keep the outbound flow of CDs greater than the inbound flow; aim to do work that's challenging and rewarding rather than easy and repetitive; defy the ways I tend to circumscribe my experience.

So: for 2002, is there anything I can do to make lacunae more useful and entertaining to you, dear readers?