firecracker firecracker


Boom boom boom, as Half Japanese said. Hi. The fireworks are going off, there’s a singer/guitarist on the other side of the lake with a loud amplifier and a middling command of the Beatles catalogue, there’s the lingering scent of corn-on-the-cob in the air: it’s summer.

This coming Tuesday is a bit of an event for me: the release of Smooth Sounds: Various Artists Play the Future Hits of WCKR SPGT, one of the four times I can think of that a recording I performed on has been released by somebody else. WCKR SPGT wrote a whole bunch of songs specifically for their admirers to perform; I got one called “Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge on the City of Los Angeles,” which I arranged in a style I like to think of as “Ned’s Atomic Dustbin outtake.”

A few things I’ve written lately: on Jesse Reklaw’s Ten Thousand Things to Do, comics that should run forever, Alan Moore and Alan Davis’s D.R. and Quinch, what digital comics are worth, and supervillain comics, all over at Techland; on Konono No. 1, the Television Personalities, and Tender Trap, over at Pitchfork; on a bunch of recent graphic novels, for the New York Times Book Review.

And that’s not counting the project that occupied a lot of the last month, which should be surfacing sometime later this summer. Details when they’re public.

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