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It’s hard to post something without spilling the beans when there are beans to be spilled. But the good news is that I’ve joined the team over at Time’s Techland blog—I’ll be writing about comics for them! My first piece for them just went up today: it’s on “Wizzywig” and “Footnotes in Gaza.”

Other recent links with my name attached to them: I wrote about Rakim for Hilobrow, Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary for Barnes & Noble, Siege for the Savage Critic, and a bunch of stuff for eMusic, like this piece on Loveless and its antecedents.

Also, I’ll be in this book, and maybe another one…!

At some point, I plan to develop an interior life, too. My new year’s resolution of drinking three glasses of wine a week (this represents a drastic increase, not a decrease) might help with that, I’m thinking.

Happy birthday to me! So far I’ve been celebrating in the traditional way: vegetarian dim sum, karaoke, fruit salad, and being interviewed at length about The Invincible Iron Man by Tom Spurgeon. Can’t beat that. I am brewing up some interesting plans for the year and the decade, some of which will be made public before too long.

For those of you who’ve asked for a list of some kind:

The iPhone

M.I.A./Diplo: Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1

Arrested Development

Alison Bechdel: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

The New Pornographers: Mass Romantic

Katamari Damacy

David B.: Epileptic

“The Beast”

Grant Morrison et al.: Seven Soldiers of Victory

Kelly Link: “Catskin” (in Magic for Beginners)

And now: ONWARD!!

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