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First up, my fabulous spouse Lisa Gidley has a new small-scale photo blog, Now It’s In Your Hands. Those of you who like Polaroids should have a look. Those of you who happen to have large amounts of Polaroid film you’re not using should send it to her.

Over at Carrie Brownstein’s “Monitor Mix” blog at NPR, I wrote a little rant called “The Death of Mistakes Means the Death of Rock,” and I’m very flattered by the number of responses it’s gotten so far.

And I’ve done a couple of reviews for the Barnes & Noble Review: Dino Buzzati’s curious 1969 comics experiment Poem Strip and R. Sikoryak’s sly retrospective Masterpiece Comics.

Also, I wrote two chapters of Rolling Stone’s new book Michael (on Michael Jackson): one about his touring career, one about his significance as a dancer. (Haven’t even seen the finished book yet, but I’ve heard it’s out.)

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