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I’m back from New York, and from a bit of an absence. Let’s start with the “things I’ve written that have been published lately, or are about to be”:

*A review of David Mazzucchelli’s excellent Asterios Polyp in the New York Times Book Review

*A couple of short appreciations of artists over at Hilobrow, like this one about Kool Moe Dee

*The odd Pitchfork review, including this one about the Woodstock 40th-anniversary box

*A piece for Wired and Ars Technica’s Dual Perspectives series about a possible future incarnation of the newspaper

*A piece on superheroes for Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors’ A New Literary History of America, which is out next month

*And a short piece about using poetry as a non-poet for the September issue of Poetry magazine!

And now it’s time for me to slump into the heat of the Portland night, keep reading Luba, and listen to Guinean jazz from around 1970.

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