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sketchbook #18: Jesse Reklaw


The wildly gifted Jesse Reklaw is the man behind the long-running dream comic Slow Wave; he’s also been publishing a fascinating diary comic called Ten Thousand Things to Do. There’s a really interesting discussion of the economic crush of being an artist over at a recent diary comic at his Flickr site.

And then, sometimes, he does really goofy stuff:

Jesse Reklaw

sketchbook #17: Meredith Gran


My. That certainly was a month, wasn’t it? Someday the whole story will be told, and everyone will go home with makeup streaked down their cheeks and drink bitter lemon with quinine straight out of the bottle.

I’ve been publishing a lot of stuff here and there, and I’ll get to that soon enough, but first of all I think a picture is appropriate.

Evening, all

Meredith Gran of “Octopus Pie” fame drew this one in the sketchbook at Emerald City Comic-Con last month—a very nice use of the grid, and an accurate portrait of my state of mind. Volume 3 of Octopus Pie, “An Interstate Oasis,” is out now, and handsome indeed.

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