two endorsements


Both in Portland; the first one’s for food. Portobello Vegan Trattoria, people. 2001 SE 11th Ave. Do not sleep on it. It’s the same building as Cellar Door Coffee Roasters—actually, it’s the same space, just a different identity in the evenings. Incredibly good bread and olive oil and pumpkin cappellacci and squash “spaghetti” and roasted Brussels sprouts and… everything. And very reasonably priced. And a very, very patient waitstaff. And our table was right next to a coffee table with Sara Varon’s Sweaterweather and a Little Nemo collection and an old Duplex Planet Illustrated comic book on it. Plus the Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel on the stereo system. The first Neutral Milk Hotel record. My. Kind. Of. Place.

The other one is something that is just so… Portlandy… I feel obligated to point it out: Nationale, at 2730 E. Burnside, a tiny little store that sells Stuff the Proprietor Likes, mostly of the design-intensive variety. Art, textiles, French candy, a handful of beat-up old LPs, tiny Rhodia notebooks, fancy dishes, the Marriage Records catalogue, etc. Recommended by Craig Thompson, no less! (On the stereo system there: Smog’s “Bathysphere.”)

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