and I'd been doing so well


…with the entry-almost-every-day thing, too. But then I went out of town. Oh well. New York was splendid and overwhelming, as always; I pushed myself hard there, as I usually do, and now I’m in recuperation mode and listening to a Maxine Brown LP, and working on a new little web project that’s slightly too early to announce (because it might not happen at all), and reading through a pile of old Strange Adventures comics that I picked up at New York Comic-Con.

Thanks to the panelists on the coming-of-age and character-design panels, all of whom had mighty interesting things to say, and to Bryan Lee O’Malley, who is awesome and hilarious but you knew that. Special thanks for above-and-beyond to Christine Norrie.

Also! I’ll be in the Bay Area Feb. 27-Mar. 2 for WonderCon; hope to see some of you there.

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