my favorite book-length comics of 2008


Because a few people have asked, and because the full list didn't run with PW Comics Week's roundup:

1. Jaime Hernandez: The Education of Hopey Glass

Reviewed here.

2. Lynda Barry: What It Is

Reviewed here.

3. Dash Shaw: Bottomless Belly Button

Reviewed here.

4. Kramers Ergot 7

Reviewed here.

5. Jonathan Lethem, Karl Rusnak & Farel Dalrymple: Omega the Unknown

Review forthcoming one of these days.

6. Yuichi Yokoyama: Travel

Reviewed in that Times holiday piece too.

7. Lewis Trondheim: Little Nothings: The Curse of the Umbrella

Reviewed here.

8. Chris Onstad: The Great Outdoor Fight

Reviewed here.

9. Joann Sfar: The Rabbi's Cat 2

Reviewed here.

10. Scott McCloud: Zot! The Complete Black and White Collection

Reviewed here (in the same piece as the Shaw).

I also listed my favorite single issues of 2008 in the Daily Cross Hatch's roundup: Fight or Run: Shadow of the Chopper, All-Star Superman #10, Mome #12, Big Questions #11 and Omega the Unknown #10.

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