karaoke journal: potato 'n' alligator soufflé


As pretty much everyone in my circle knows, I’m a karaoke fanatic. Somehow, though, I’ve barely gotten to do any in the last few months. I’m also neurotic about not being the guy who always sings the same song at karaoke, so I have a self-imposed rule of (almost) never doing the same song in the same location twice. This means that I’m not always singing what I’m best at, but it’s more fun for me, if not for the other people in the bar. So this week I tried to get back into practice by hitting the karaoke bars twice—last night, it was for a birthday party for three friends of mine, at the very crowded Ambassador.

All of this is basically just an excuse to post the original version of the first song I did (before many of the people I knew showed up, fortunately—old-school hip-hop isn’t really the most dazzling category for me): Special Ed’s “I Got It Made.” That last verse is particularly impressive.

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