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It’s the slowest time of the year; I take it as a good sign that despite the general slowdown, I’m still sort of crazed with work. But I’m currently at Lisa’s mom’s place in Florida, having just barely escaped from the Ice Curtain in both the Northwest and the Northeast. The sun is shining, the frogs are jumping, the water is rippling, and I’m in no mood to do any actual work. So I’m occupying myself with pseudo-work: putting together the odd mix, assembling the lineup for Mincing Up the Morning for the next few weeks, that kind of thing. The stuff I get paid for? Maybe tonight.

I also wrote a few things for Pitchfork’s best tracks and best albums features, and I appeared on WNYC’s “Sound Check” last week, debating the awesome Daphne Carr on the topic “Music Critics: Irreplaceable or Irrelevant?” (I took the cutting-my-own-throat-live-on-air position there.)

And, very importantly, the Dark Beloved Cloud Singles Club just mailed out two new releases to subscribers: Grace Braun’s “The Soldier and the Lady” single and Fly Ashtray’s Doodnat Mahadeo EP!

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