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Traveling and a string of minor but irritating illnesses do take a toll on one’s ability to blog, although evidently microblogging isn’t quashed quite as easily. But: where was I? Oh yes: in San Francisco for APE, then back here in Portland to cheer on the night of the 4th and make a couple of appearances at Wordstock, then in New York to ship some media to the West Coast and meet up with a few people with whom I might be working on one project or another. Everything’s prospective, everything’s provisional, everything’s too-soon-to-tell. I wrote a chunk of Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Singers of All Time” package; that one’s seen print, anyway.

And I wrote a short essay for the beautiful little festschrift Tales of Brave Ida, but it’s in Japanese, so even I can’t read it now. I can listen to the CD that comes with it, though—Ida covering “By This River” and “Corona”? Sign me up, etc.

A few other music-related notes, for which I confess I’m consulting my own Twitter feed:

*Today is Alan Moore’s 55th birthday. Go watch a video for his greatest recorded moment, “March of the Sinister Ducks.” It may be the only march ever composed in 3/4 time.

*Wire’s Daytrotter session is a winner, especially “Boiling Boy.”

*And while you’re snarfing up free music, don’t neglect that free Dap-Tone compilation from Amazon. Neo-retro-funk!

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