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post-tofurky torpor


Thanksgiving was low-key and fun—I think the best of the things I cooked (the only one that was all gone by the time we put away the dishes, anyway) was Brussels sprouts, snapped right off the stalk, trimmed, and braised in a little vegetable stock and some olive oil. As usual, we broke out the DVDs after dinner—in fact, one of them was the new DVD edition of my old favorite, James Brown’s famous 1968 Boston Garden show. (Nice to see it and hear it in relatively high definition, but I’m not getting rid of my old tape, which unlike the DVD still has the Marva Whitney and Bobby Byrd performances from the show.)

Otherwise: I’m trying to figure out some kind of new design and/or purpose for this site. I currently operate or contribute to seven blogs, private and public, counting the Twitter feed that I keep obsessively adding to (and which has now been added to the sidebar). Mincing Up the Morning will probably be ending January 14, once I’ve completed a full year’s cycle, although I’m not ruling out the option of adding to it thereafter, and Final Crisis Annotations will probably only have two more entries after January 28. I’ve got a couple of vague possibilities in mind for new projects to take up, some of them in accordance with my principles as a card-carrying member of the New Compulsives, some of them not. (Most of them, though, are more… reactive than I’d like them to be.) I might also try to integrate Circle the Globe into Lacunae—maybe the way Fluxblog has done it, maybe some other way. Stay tuned.

well all right then


Traveling and a string of minor but irritating illnesses do take a toll on one’s ability to blog, although evidently microblogging isn’t quashed quite as easily. But: where was I? Oh yes: in San Francisco for APE, then back here in Portland to cheer on the night of the 4th and make a couple of appearances at Wordstock, then in New York to ship some media to the West Coast and meet up with a few people with whom I might be working on one project or another. Everything’s prospective, everything’s provisional, everything’s too-soon-to-tell. I wrote a chunk of Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Singers of All Time” package; that one’s seen print, anyway.

And I wrote a short essay for the beautiful little festschrift Tales of Brave Ida, but it’s in Japanese, so even I can’t read it now. I can listen to the CD that comes with it, though—Ida covering “By This River” and “Corona”? Sign me up, etc.

A few other music-related notes, for which I confess I’m consulting my own Twitter feed:

*Today is Alan Moore’s 55th birthday. Go watch a video for his greatest recorded moment, “March of the Sinister Ducks.” It may be the only march ever composed in 3/4 time.

*Wire’s Daytrotter session is a winner, especially “Boiling Boy.”

*And while you’re snarfing up free music, don’t neglect that free Dap-Tone compilation from Amazon. Neo-retro-funk!

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