melting guitars from Erewhon


I neglected to mention that I had a piece up at the Washington Post’s Book Review section a few weeks ago—reviews of books by Jules Feiffer, Howard Chaykin, Scott McCloud and Dash Shaw.

Also now online: my review of Dave Sim’s Judenhass, over at Nextbook.

The secret cabal Douglas Rushkoff describes over here sounds like my idea of a good time. You know what else is my idea of a good time? The Clean’s Mashed, their third consecutive live album (it came out recently on the New Zealand label Arch Hill). Yes, them and Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band, but they’re one of those bands where the interpretation is more important than the text, if you see what I mean—although this one does have one new original song and a cover of “I Can’t Stand It.” Smart to lead it off with “Jala,” which is like the constitution of a nation originally formed as a cargo cult around the first 20 seconds of “Eight Miles High.”

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