it's not that I don't want to, it's just that I can't


Believe me, if I had stuff to say, I’d be saying it. If I had stuff I’d written that I could point you toward, I’d be pointing you toward it. If I could pull together a coherent joke about entering the fray vs. loose ends, I’d be making it. But the last few weeks have just been scraping together trivia, fixing little errors, and trying to make sure I’ve got the best and fewest tools possible and the most functional space to use them in that I can arrange.

A few pointers and notes, though:

*D.D. Guttenplan not only gives Reading Comics a very nice review in The Nation, but starts it with the first sentence of “Swann’s Way.”

*His name gave me an associative jump to Ann Kittenplan from Infinite Jest—I’ve been quietly freaking out over David Foster Wallace’s death like everybody else who’s been feeling his gravitational pull for the last two decades. (When I have some time to spare, I’m going to try to read Wallace’s philosophy thesis, on fatalism.)

*Want to freak out? Read Troy Swain’s explanation of the financial crisis. Want to freak out some more? Read emptywheel’s response to the proposed bailout plan.

*Want to do something about it? Make absolutely sure you’re registered to vote. Today.

*Want a little diversion? My Internet-radio show on Shouting Fire tomorrow—11:30 AM West Coast time, repeating at 3:30 and 7:30—is probably my favorite I’ve done for that site so far: songs from the Undisputed Truth, Barbara Manning & Seymour Glass, Anne Kern, Karl Hector & the Malcouns, Lonnie Mack, Group Inerane, Ida, and much much more.

*Also, I have joined the iPhone nation. And the Twitter legion. You can follow me at douglaswolk, or rather you could if I’d ever posted anything there, which I probably will soon enough.

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