I'm not avoiding you, I'm just lazy


Honest. Plus I've been traveling: New York City (where my Internet access is reached either via sugary beverages or via holding the computer JUST SO and hoping I can find an open wireless network) and upstate New York (where I get distracted by miniature golf very easily).

A few people have asked me for my Burning Man packing list, so I figure making it available to the public might be helpful. It appears behind the cut, so as to not take up the entirety of this page.


Early entry pass
Sleeping bag
Inflatable mattress
8 bent rebar stakes
Hanging lamp for tent, with extra batteries
Headlamp, with extra batteries
large Camelbak
bike chain and lock with extra key
extra inner tube
bike patch kit
small bottle bike lube
Bike lights, front and back, with extra batteries
20 gallons of water
5 bottles SPF-one-zillion sunblock
2 sticks SPF 30 lip balm
Small bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap
Small bottle of shampoo
Shaver and charge
Phone and charger (for return to civilization only!)
10 pairs disposable contacts
Lens rewetting drops
6 ballpoint pens
12 fine-line Sharpies, various colors
1 bold Sharpie
Unscented wet-wipes
Roll of 1-ply toilet paper
2 clean towels
Nasal saline
Bag balm
Cortisone cream
Box of medium-size Ziploc bags
5 large trash bags
Mess kit
Beverage cup
Printed signs for snack table
Roll of duct tape
List of locations of friends' camps
10 stamped envelopes

FOOD (note that most of my food needs are taken care of by various other folks this year)
3 cans Pringles
Costco jar of cashews
Bag of dried mango
1 small jar pickles
1 box energy bars
3 large bottles Gatorade

12 pairs comfy dark socks
comfy slippers
various satin pajamas
Indian cotton shirt/pants
neck cooler
gladiator outfit
black flannel onesie
black polar fleece jacket and pants
pleather pants
leather vest
white commencement gown
assorted wigs
shaded pilot's goggles
ski goggles
dust (particle) mask, with extra filters
surgical scrubs
Boredoms rain poncho
two days' worth of "real world" clothes in Ziploc bags

Forms for BRCDoCP project
100 assorted mix CDs
15 CDs for DJing
iPod with background-music playlist
200 pieces Polaroid 600 film
2 Polaroid cameras
Leftover Bartleby cards
Sheet music for ukulele
Pitch-pipe for ukulele
Screwdriver for ukulele
Pieces to read on spoken-word stage

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