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It’s been one of those media weeks for me. I appeared on KUOW’s “Weekday” show this morning (hi, KUOW listeners), wrote a piece in Salon about Y: The Last Man, and have been spending innumerable hours prepping for the COMICS EXPLOSION that’s happening next week. (I should have another couple of relevant pieces to announce shortly, too.) And keeping an eye on the continuing adventures of Dame Jetsam and her various followers.

People seem to keep asking me, both in public and in private, if I’m excited about the Watchmen movie. I think I’m slightly more excited about the Black Freighter movie—but not as excited as I am about this “Black Freighter” movie:

Speaking of said explosion, here’s my schedule for Comic-Con International in San Diego, if anybody’s going to be around there:

July 24: 1-2: The Future of the Comics Pamphlet, Room 32AB (with Joe Keatinge, Carr D’Angelo, Eric Shanower, and other luminaries to be announced) 6-7: The Comics Blogosphere, Room 32AB (with David Brothers, Jeff Lester, Laura Hudson and Tim Robins)

July 25: 5-6—Teaching Comics—Room 4 (with Phil Jimenez, Matt Silady, James Sturm and Steve Lieber)

July 26: 11:30-12:30: Image Comics/Tori Amos—Room 6B (with Tori herself and a cast of thousands) 2:00-3:00: Lettering Roundtable—Room 8 (with Todd Klein, John Roshell, Tom Orzechowski and Jared K. Fletcher) 4:30-5:30: The Story of an Image—Room 4 (with Kim Deitch, Jim Woodring, Jim Ottaviani and Kyle Baker)

And, on Friday the 25th at 11:30, I’ll be giving a talk called “Against a Canon of Comics” as part of the Comic Arts Conference in Room 30AB, and probably signing Reading Comics somewhere after it.

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