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It is not just hot here, it is excessively hot—the kind of mugginess that saps all the sap out of anything sappable. I’m taking refuge in the basement and listening to old Sun City Girls and Utopia records.

On the cooking front: Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian is acquitting itself pretty well so far—Lisa requested “a cool salad” for dinner the other night, so I made his recipe for quinoa salad with tempeh (using red quinoa, and toasting it before I cooked it), and it turned out so well that the entire huge bowl disappeared very quickly.

As part of Lisa’s ongoing attempts to help me be more, you know, manly, she acquired a charcoal grill for our house a few weeks ago. Tonight was my first attempt to use it. Grills are difficult, it turns out! We got some decent veggie burgers and nicely caramelized bananas and oranges out of it, though. I will be attempting to grill miso-glazed tofu on the Fourth of July. Cross your fingers for me.

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